The City of Clinton Fire Department hosted the annual fire safety event this past Saturday (October 19, 2019). Under the direction of the fire chiefs and with the backing of the City administration, the fire department partnered with area fire departments, local law enforcement, EMS providers, the National Guard and local utilities to provide not only a fun event, but an event packed full of safety education.

During this four-hour event, attendees enjoyed free food, inflatable rides, hands on activities, truck tours, and more. Local residents and visitors also had an opportunity to meet all the local emergency responders. Other organizations were on hand providing education and resources for our citizens to utilize.
One of the highlights of the day was CFDs live fire demonstration. The demonstration consists of two burn pods.. each furnished and decorated as a living room setting. Both pods are similar by design making them react the same to the fire conditions. With many safety measures in place, the first pod is lit and the crowd gets to see how fire grows and how quickly it progresses. This is an opportunity to educate on the dangers of fire and the importance of the prevention measures we teach. After the fire gets to a certain point, a fire crew extinguishes the fire. After the first pod is extinguished, the second pod is lit. The only difference in the second pod is that it is equipped with a sprinkler system. Once the fire is lit, it progresses just like the previous pod but before the fire can get very big, the sprinkler head activates and the fire is safely extinguished. Sprinkler systems have been proven to be effective in fire and life safety in the industrial setting for many years and it is now available for use in residential settings. Clinton Fire Dept presents these kinds of demonstrations so residents can see that this type of system is a better way to protect their homes.

Hosting an event of this size takes a lot of work from many people and we are thankful for great community partners who are willing to help us make it the success it has become. Many of these partners are local churches, various organizations and businesses. Our firefighters work tirelessly for several weeks prior to the event getting everything ready as well as manning the event on the day of. Every department and department head in the city contribute in one way or another. This event is a perfect example of an entire community coming together to create a time of fun and education for all to enjoy. The Clinton Fire Department would like to thank everyone that contributed the time, money and effort to make this event possible. We would also like to thank everyone from the community, who attended the event. The city and the community coming together for an event of this type is a great example of why the City of Clinton is a great place to live and work.