This law requires drivers to put down their phones
and focus on the road.

In a recent year, there were over 24,600 crashes
involving a distracted driver in Tennessee.
On average, that is sixty-seven crashes every
single day. A recent study listed Tennessee as
having the highest rate of distracted driving
deaths in the nation,.. nearly five times the
national average. Your phone can wait.. your
safety canít.

WHAT IS the Tennessee Hands Free Law?
PC0412 makes it illegal for a driver to:

Hold a cellphone or mobile device with any part
of their body.

Write, send, or read any text-based

Reach for a cellphone or mobile device in a manner that requires the driver to no longer be in a seated driving position or properly restrained by a seat belt.

Watch a video or movie on a cellphone or mobile device.

Record or broadcast video on a cellphone or mobile device.

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