National Police Woman's Day is dedicated to all female police officers. CPD's women officers are (pictured from left to right) Officer Jill Herman, Officer Jennifer Hutchins, Lt. Danielle Alexander, Det. Sgt. Leslie Miller (not pictured Officer Aubrey Chapman).

Chief Vaughn Becker says: "Our female officers may be outnumbered by the men.. but their impact speaks for itself. They bring unique skill sets and perspectives that are invaluable to the daily operation of our department."

The first police woman in the United States was most likely Marie Owens, who was hired by the Chicago Police Department in 1891. Although police matrons had worked in prisons in New York City prior to this, they did not have the authority to arrest as Owens did. Alice Wells was hired by the Los Angeles police department in 1910, and was the first American-born female police officer in the United States, as Owens had been born in Canada. Today roughly ten percent of the police force in the United States is women.