210 Nave St.
Clinton, TN 37716
(865) 457-6495
Director Dwayne Wilkerson
In past years we have had problems with leaves being placed in the street, on sidewalks, and in drainage ditches. Your leaves should be piled near the curb or ditch line, on your property, and no closer. When leaves are placed in the street and in ditches, rain carries them into our storm water drains and catch basins, adding to drainage and flooding problems. Leaves placed in the street obstruct traffic, and leaves placed on sidewalks create a hazard for pedestrians. Leaves may be bagged and left at the curbside for collection on the scheduled days.

It is a violation of Clinton City Ordinances 16-106 and 16-107 to place leaves in the street or in drainage curb/gutters and ditches. We have asked our Codes Enforcement department to help enforce these ordinances. If your leaves are left in violation of the ordinances, they will not be collected until a correction is made through Codes Enforcement. Your cooperation with this ongoing problem is needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Also, please do not combine brush with leaves, as our equipment will not be able to collect them from the same pile.

If you desire to have leaves removed on dates other than what is shown on the schedule, you should bag them and place them at the curbside with your household garbage for Waste Connections to collect. Waste Connections will collect a total of the equivalent of four 32 gallon containers from each household, whether leaves, household trash, or a combination.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Dwayne Wilkerson
Public Works Director
TO: Residents of the City of Clinton
DATE: September 16, 2019

The Public Works Department is announcing the 2019 Leaf Collection Schedule. Our city is zoned into four service areas, with each area receiving three leaf collections. The collection dates are approximately one month apart. In order for collections to be made, leaves must be at the curbside before the scheduled Monday collection date. Leaves should normally be collected within four days of the date shown.
Some photos courtesy: darrylstair.com