City of Clinton and Waste Connections Guidelines

Curbside Garbage Service
Collected once per week.
Garbage must be placed curbside the night before, or prior to 7 a.m. on the scheduled day of collection.
Place all garbage in the provided cart.  Place cart(s) at least 5 feet away from any other objects such as mailboxes, cars, other carts, etc.

Construction debris will not be collected curbside. Construction debris can be taken to the Convenience Centers throughout the county and hazardous materials can be taken to the Anderson Co. Blockhouse Center. Please refer to the Anderson County website for more information regarding proper Hazardous waste disposal. 

Bulky items can also be taken to a Anderson County convenience centers throughout the county or residents can call Waste Connections to schedule a special collection at an additional charge.

Contents of cart must be bagged.

Holiday Schedule
There is no collection on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  All services will be pushed back by one day following the holiday.  For example, if collection in your area is scheduled for Tuesday, the same day as the holiday, then pick up will be on Wednesday.  Customers scheduled for Wednesday will be collected on Thursday.  Thursday scheduled collection will be picked up on Friday and so forth.  Friday collection will be moved to Saturday.

Special Services
AFTER SEPT 13... If your family needs additional trash carts, you may call Waste Connections at 865-522-8161. Waste Connections has informed us that extra containers will cost $29.76 per quarter. Please do not order extra trash containers until September 13th..  Ask for customer service and let them know that you live in the City of Clinton.

As a courtesy to the residents of Clinton, Waste Connections will be collecting unwanted personal trash cans the week of September 13th, 2021. If you have a trash can that you no longer need or want, please set the can you want disposed of at the curb on your designated service and the Waste Connection teams will collect them while servicing your garbage. Please be advised all trash cans placed at the curb this week will be thrown away. Waste Connections or the City of Clinton will not be responsible for any claims regarding the discarding of personal cans this week. Trash service is for bagged contents of the blue cart that was provided only. Personal cans will no longer be serviced.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why are services changing?
The City’s is beginning a new solid waste contract and is improving services by providing a uniform way to collect household garbage and recycling carts that allow for automated collection. This will reduce the amount of litter in neighborhoods caused by open containers or torn bags and improve overall customer service to residents.

2. How will my service improve?
All residents are to use these new, 96-gallon garbage cart.  This will eliminate manual garbage collection and the need for residents to purchase multiple 32-gallon containers to accommodate household waste.

3. What will the services include?
Once a week curbside garbage collection (automated)

4. Customer Owned Cans
We will dispose of your customer owned trash cans the week of Sept. 13th, 2021.. as we will not be servicing customer cans after the start of the cart program. If you want to dispose of your personal can simply place it at the curb on your designated service day and Waste Connections will collect it. Waste connections will not be responsible for reimbursement of personal cans left at the curb this week. Following this week Waste Connections will no longer collect waste from these cans.

The City of Clinton recognizes that some residents are physically unable to bring their garbage carts to the street curb or alley for weekly collection. Therefore, the City offers free "backdoor" garbage service for those who qualify.

To qualify, you must have a disability and/or physical limitations preventing you from being able to bring the bins to the curb AND have no co-habitant, family member, friend, or neighbor whom you can rely on to get the garbage to the street each week for collection.

To apply for this service, please print and complete THIS FORM, have your Healthcare Provider verify your disability, and return it to: City of Clinton, 100 North Bowling Street, Clinton, TN 37716

The City of Clinton provides weekly curbside trash collection for our residential and commercial customers. Collections are made through our contractor, Waste Connections of Oak Ridge (865-482-3656).

To view the scheduled day for trash collections on your street, CLICK HERE.