In accordance with the provisions set forth in the International Fire code, a permit shall be obtained from the fire code official prior to kindling a fire.  The Fire Officer in Charge for the day will determine if the atmospheric conditions are suited for open burning.  Burn permits shall be issued only to the owner of the property where the fire will be.  All commercial burn permits shall be inspected by the fire department prior to issuance.  The following guidelines must be followed to obtain a burn permit from the City of Clinton Fire Department.


  • Contact City of Clinton dispatch to get the permit or fill out form below.  (865) 457-2131

  • The location of the open burn shall not be any less than 50’ from any structure and provisions shall be made to prevent the fire from spreading to within 50’ of and structure.  Approved containers shall be no less than 15 feet from any structure.  The fire shall also be 25’ from the property line or wooded areas.

  • A method to extinguish the fire shall be on-site and available for immediate utilization.

  • The fire shall be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished.

  • The fire must be extinguished by dark.

  • No flammable liquids shall be utilized to ignite the fire or be near-by while burning. 

  • Only natural vegetation is allowed to be burned, excluding leaves.

  • The fire department reserved the right to inspect any open burns and extinguish the fire if it is deemed unsafe or a nuisance.

  • If the fire starts spreading or getting out of control, call 911 immediately.

 The Clinton Fire Department recommends utilizing the city’s services instead of open burning (leaf and brush pick-up).  It is the owner of the property’s responsibility to ensure safe practices the entire time burning is being done.  If you have any questions, contact the fire department at (865) 457-2131.

Do not start burn until contacted by City of Clinton Fire Department for approval


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