Codes Enforcement / Planning & Zoning

The City of Clinton Codes Enforcement Department is tasked with the enforcement of city planning, zoning, building, property maintenance, stormwater, floodplain and other regulations in order to improve the quality of life in our community. The goal of Planning and Codes is to protect the welfare of residents and preserve the aesthetics and functionality of our neighborhoods.

NOTICE: Ordinance 686.  This ordinance adopts with amendments the 2021 International Codes by replacing the previously adopted 2018 edition.

For electrical inspections call TN State Electrical Inspector Allen Smith at 865-740-2486
For Anderson Co. Zoning / Codes outside of Clinton City Limits call 865-457-6244

All public records requests must be submitted to Gina Ridenour, City Recorder (

Codes Enforcement

Common Violations investigated by Codes Enforcement:

Frequent and typical health and safety violations include, Improper length of weeds and lawns;
Existence of inoperable or unlicensed vehicle; Existence of junk, debris and salvage materials; Deferred maintenance of occupied buildings; Regulation of vacant structures and land; Improper placement of signs; Illegal occupancy and use of commercial structures/land; and Unsafe housing.

Codes Team

Preston Stokes

Preston Stokes


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Matthew Widner

Matthew Widner

Building Official

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Chance Houck

Chance Houck

Codes Enforcement

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Jennie Byrd

Jennie Byrd

Administrative Asst.

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Subdivision Traffic Calming Application

Dear Clinton Resident:

Thank you for your interest in the City of Clinton’s Traffic Calming program for neighborhood streets. Several subdivisions have successfully undertaken this process for their neighborhoods to address traffic safety concerns such as excessive speeds and cut-through traffic.

Before completing the attached Subdivision Traffic Calming Application Form, a contact person who will champion the effort for your subdivision will need to be identified. This may be yourself or someone else; however, the Neighborhood Contact Representative must be an owner of property in the subdivision or neighborhood. Often a homeowners’ association officer or representative will take on this role to take advantage of the previously established communication and contacts amongst the subdivision residents. The Neighborhood Contact Representative will likely want to organize a committee to assist in the second step of circulating the Proceed with Design Petition, by which 50% of the neighborhood must agree to move ahead with investigating the traffic calming measures. Finally, the Neighborhood Contact Representative will need to arrange a meeting coordinated with the City of Clinton where residents can discuss and finalize the preliminary traffic plan that the City prepares.

The time frame to go through the traffic calming process varies, but generally takes at least four months, including an eight-week balloting period. This time allows communication to occur, which is one of the keys to a successful effort. All the residents need to know what they can expect if the traffic calming measures are undertaken. Also, it is important to note that the process is neighborhood-driven. City of Clinton facilitates the process and provides technical guidance, but the subdivision chooses whether to move ahead or not. Because of budget limitations, staffing, and in-progress and planned projects, the City of Clinton will consider a maximum of three (3) Traffic Calming Applications per fiscal year (July – June). We will be glad to meet with the subdivision or homeowners’ association board to explain the process in detail, if necessary.

Enclosed Documents Include:

• Subdivision Traffic Calming Application Form

• Subdivision Traffic Calming Procedure Steps

• City of Clinton Standardized Speed Hump Design

• The Potential Impacts of Speed Humps

Please have the Neighborhood Contact Representative complete the enclosed Subdivision Traffic Calming Application Form and return it to me via email or mailing address. That will get the process moving. Do not hesitate to call me at (865) 457-0424 if you have any questions.


Preston Stokes, Planner

Board of Zoning Appeals - Clinton Planning Commission - Board of Code Appeals


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