Urban Chickens

CITY OF CLINTON — Keeping of Hens now allowed in residential R-1 and R-2 zones. Contact the Code Enforcement Office for further details.

IT’s OFFICIAL! City of Clinton has adopted by Ordinance No. 684 creating a new Title 10 Chapter 3 Urban Chickens (Keeping of Hens) in the City Municipal Code effective March 25th, 2024.

If you own or rent and occupy a single family dwelling on a residential zoned parcel in the city, you can now own or keep up to six hens in your back or side yard. The required annual permit can be found on the Code Enforcement web page or picked up in person. The required annual permit runs from Jan 1—Dec 31 each year. Only one (1) permit is allowed per parcel. See details below:

• $25 Annual Permit Required (Application)

• Renters must provide landlord (property owner) approval

• Maximum of 6 Chicken Hens (No Roosters) per parcel

• Covered Fence Enclosure or Uncovered Fence 42” High

• Hens must be secured in a hen house or chicken tractor during night hours

• Henhouse or tractor must allow 2 sq.ft. per hen

• Henhouse or fenced enclosure must be set back 10 ft. from property line

• Henhouse must be well ventilated and constructed to resist access by predators

• Henhouse construction is considered an accessory structure which requires a building permit

• Materials used to construct Henhouse and fence must be uniform for each element and well maintained

• Henhouses or fenced enclosures not allowed in front yard.

• Urban Chickens cannot be kept in or on vacant property

• Chicken slaughtering prohibited

• Chicken breeding, fertilizer production or the commercial sale of eggs are prohibited

• Urban Chicken Permits are intended for Residential R-1 and R-2 zoned parcels less than 3 acres in area.

• Urban Chicken Permits and renewals may be denied, suspended, or revoked by the Animal Control Div. of the Police Dept. where violation of the ordinance is found.


The issuance of an Urban Chicken Permit does not constitute permission to keep other customary farm animals on residential parcels less than 3 acres.

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